photoEveryone’s thoughts and prayers remain on the families that were affected by the tragic shooting in Charleston over the weekend.  It is sad that we still face the specter of racial violence in this day and age.  Our #SPNFamily helps to mitigate some of this social strife by being – for the most part – accepting and tolerant of one another despite differing ideas and ships.  When things like this shooting take over the media and bombard us with negative images, it is nice to know you can curl up in the supernatural world and only fear a rabid vampire or two!

Seriously though, with Jared’s recent withdrawal from the European and Australian conventions the #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign has become more of a reality to plenty of people, fans and non-fans alike.  In the past month we’ve seen more support and positivity posted on Twitter than we have in a long time.  I think that Jared and Jensen would be proud to have started this tidal wave of information and support.  The t-shirt campaigns have ended, but you can still do your part to support this initiative.  @Eldwene has created a number of lovely bracelets that when purchased have half of their profit donated to Jensen and Jared’s charity.  You can find her designs at Eldwenne’s Fantasy on  While you’re there check out her handmade and unique pieces of jewelry that reflect both the characters in the Supernatural world as well as the actors who bring them to life.  Her items are high quality, well made pieces and you can view them in person in the vendor room of most conventions.

One of our members @debbibach was interviewed on Jodi’s podcast #SoGetThis earlier this month.  Here’s the link if you want to check it out.  She and Jodi spend time discussing #AlwaysKeepFighting as well as the season 10 finale of Supernatural.

We are still working at getting a few more insiders to talk to us and as soon as we have the articles ready to go we will post them on the site.  We feel honored that so many people have taken the time out to talk with us and have allowed us to share their insights with you.  Rest assured, we are not content to rest on our laurels, we will keep fighting to bring you more from inside the Supernatural world.

Our GISHWHES team for this year is complete and are proud to announce that Nicki Aycox (@realnickiaycox) has joined our team.  Be on the look out for updates and commentary are we get closer and closer to GISHWHES week.  We promise will keep you all updated on our GISHWHES journey.

Also, let us know in the comments what you’d like to see more of and we’ll do our best.  For now I’ll promise to update the page more frequently!

Your Lusty Fangirls


  1. Toni Basilio says:

    I want to go to Vegas con so badly! I heard it is the wildest and best Con , and it is my birthday weekend!! I’m so disappointed :-( Have fun ladies & have a drink for us girls who can’t make it

  2. Josephine Neville says:

    the Zabrina article was well written and very informative, wow that the women who makes Jared and Jensen looks so awesome for the show. thank you lusty fan girls for a good article.

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