Chances are if you have stumbled across you are already well aware of the fan fiction phenomenon, but for the sake of those who have yet to be introduced, here is a brief primer.

What is fan fiction? An official definition can be easily found on line:

fan fic·tion


noun: fanfiction

  1. fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, movie, etc.

Look a little further into the results your search has turned up and you will find web sites dedicated to posting fan fiction of specific shows or movies (The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Supernatural) and others who are multi-fandom sites (, are a couple). If you spend a few minutes paging through any of the dedicated fan fiction sites your search turns up you will find stories that follow the show canon (storyline as written by the writers and/or endorsed by the show runners), non-canon, alternate universe settings (think hobbits in space), stories written about the actors who portray these characters and stories that mash together multiple fandoms (Sam and Dean Winchester hunt hobbits!). The stories also range from G rated comedy adventures to very explicit NC17 works that can involve angst, BDSM, torture porn, slavery, rape (consensual and non-consensual), and sometimes underage (early to late teens) stories.

The relationships explored in fan fiction are also diverse and often very creative. Many (a majority? Hard to say) involve the main characters in homosexual relationships with each other or other characters from the shows and sometimes with the actors who portray them on film. Here it seems is the real heart of the fan fiction phenomenon. The hearts and minds of the hundreds of thousand fan fiction writers around the globe write about the characters relationships with each other rather than with original fictional characters (although, these stories are being written and published on line as well).

More scholarly information (with stats and everything!) can be found here:

For the sake of the LustyFanGirls, this article is intended to serve as an introduction to the work of two of the Lusties:

These two have dreamed up new adventures for Sam, Dean, Jensen and Jared both separately and together and invite you to check out their author pages at AO3. If you’re new to fan fiction this will serve as a good introduction and if you’re a veteran fanfic reader maybe you’ve missed these two on your searches. Sit back, open your browser and hop on the wagon.

The LustyFanGirls plan to provide reading recommendations for other authors as well. In fact, we’ll do some of the hard work for you! Each story linked here will have been read by at least one of the Lusties and approved as Lusty enough for the site. In addition a recommendation here means the work is readable (few typos, punctuation or grammatical errors). We all have different tastes so you should find that the reading list diverse. We invite you tell us what you like. I know our authors would love to know what you like best!

We hope you’ll check back frequently to see what we find for you.

xo DebbiCakes, aka @debbibach

Earthquake Weather

The Fetters of Fenrir

Begin in Innocence

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Time Served

Spires of Freedom ‘Verse – Stumbling Towards Spires of Freedom

Spires of Freedom ‘Verse – And I Have Been Consumed

Watch The Weather Change

Everything But (you can choose a Winchester in this story)

Plane Crash http://www.sinful-desire.ort/archive/viewseries.php?seriesid=175

After The End

And The Rain Came Down

A La Mode

The Billionaire’s Reluctant Husband


Til it Bleeds Daylight

In a Tight Spot

Breaking Away

Lest I Come And Smite The Earth With A Curst

Daring to Risk

West Series

My Beloved is Mine

Sky Sex

Watch Your Hands

Last Choice

What We Miss

The World’s a Beast of Burden

Like Staring Into the Sun

Facts Don’t Constitute Arrogance

Third Party Picture

Yours By Any Other Name

Throwing Sparks

Never As Perfect In My Head

What Sammy Needs

The Outlaw Dean Winchester

Stranger Than Fiction

Into the Woods

It’s That Kind of Game

Sure Got a Dirty Mouth


Dean Winchester is NOT Kinky

Stumbling Forward

Sharp Teeth

A Roar to a Whimper


Keeping Count

Mind Games

Should You Ever Leave

The Illusion of Knowledge

Relax It’s Just Sex

Just a Puppet on a Lonely String

Your Comment is Awaiting Moderation



All My Roads Lead to You

Paris Hilton is a Bitch


All In

The Hardest Heart

Clarity Clouds My Mind

For the End of My Broken Heart

The Piper

A Bright and Golden Streak of Land

Two-Headed Boy

Better Off Claimed

Fit to be Tied


Everything I Want is Nothing But You

An Irresistible Force

Welcome to the Jungle

At the Edge of the World

Beautiful Disaster

The Internet is for Porn

Nobody Wins Ask Caesar

Yes Dean There is a Santa Claus

Cursed https://m.fanfiction.lnet/s/10786843/1/cursed

Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight

Dream Weaver

No Place But Here


Happy Birthday, Baby

What You Really Really Want

An Unconventional Relationship

Don’t Beat Yourself Up About It

Summer Lovin’ Had Me a Blast

It’s All You

All That Sam

Mystery Flavor

Fumbling in the Dark

What You Need

Take Care of Your Brother

I Leave My Heart in the Dust Where You Walk

Waiting for Sunrise


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    Hi girls! How are these organized/classified? I’ve seen ratings per se on lots of fics and that could be helpful for preferences?

    • DebbiCakes says:

      That’s a good point really. They are all 5 stars, we’ve all really liked them, but I could organize them. I’ll get to that this week. Appreciate the feedback.

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