Supernaturalize it!

Can’t afford Hot Topic? Make your own Supernatural merchandise!

379Supernatural Con Bag

Canvas bag from Hobby Lobby, $5 on the clearance aisle (and don’t forget 40% off coupon on line for things that aren’t on sale). Use straight edge to mark guide lines in pencil (it will erase). Fabric paint in various colors. (I also used glow in the dark puff paint for a little something extra). Could use stencil; this one is freehand.

spnshoesSupernatural Shoes

Plain canvas shoes from Target, $12. Paint a base coat so that you can “erase” any mistakes with the base coat color. Words and fine lines are painted with a toothpick. Use a template printed off to get your circles right.

Like these shoes and want a pair for yourself?  You can order them at:  Ashli’s Etsy Store

A Very Supernatural Christmas!

Glass bulbs from WalMart, $2.88 for 10. Use paint pens to add your favorite quotes and Supernatural symbols. I did tell my daughter she couldn’t do an angel banishing symbol on a Christmas ornament. That’s just wrong.


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