Death to Normalcy: The GISHWHES Experience

By @Dancing_Adrift

2014 was the year that the LustyFanGirls all lost their virginity…with each other.  Their GISHWHES virginity, that is!

For those unfamiliar, GISHWHES ( stands for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, and it is exactly that. Misha Collins (whom SPNFamily knows as Castiel) started GISHWHES four years ago, partially inspired( by the scavenger hunts from when he attended the University of Chicago (for drama school

To tell any origin story of the LustyFanGirls, one would have to include our GISHWHES experience.  Prior to joining “the Hunt,” the LFG existed informally as a group of women who had found each other on twitter through their common love of Supernatural and a healthy lust for its stars.

I, your humble correspondent, had no previous interaction with the LFG – I found them only when looking into mugshotsGISHWHES and seeing that their team was in need of one more member. After some soul searching on my part, and a lot of encouragement from my future teammates, I decided to join their ranks and Team LustyFanGirls was officially born!

We had about a month between registering our team and when The Hunt actually started. We spent that time getting to know one another better, strategizing and planning and preparing for the mysterious GISHWHES as well as we could.

Then, before we knew it, the time of insanity was upon us! And I mean insanity. GISHWHES runs for a whole week – in that time, teams find/create/do as many of the nearly 200 items as they can. Day one was a very exciting time of bathroomgownreading and absorbing as much of the list  as possible while divvying up tasks amongst our group. Every day after that, we were in near-constant communication with each other as we did our best to complete as many crazy items as we could.

As we began posting our submissions to imgur and YouTube, our excitement and enthusiasm grew! There were times though, in the middle of the week, when we were exhausted or frustrated candyswimsuitand wanted to give up (for example, when trying to create a candy swimsuit. Not as easy as it may seem). But whenever that happened, there would always be a teammate around to offer encouragement and motivation.

Team LustyFanGirls had a fantastic inaugural year. We did not win any prizes (unsurprising for n00b Gishers), but we had an awful lot of crazy, random fun. We pushed ourselves beyond our comfort zones, and we found that we kinda liked it (we’re a bit kinky that way). As Captain Malcolm Reynolds says in Firefly, “We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.”

The original 15 members of Team LustyFangirls are not all as close anymore as we were during The Hunt, with a few of us having gone off to do our own thing, but those that remain are what make up the LFG today. I think we still all look back on our week-long kale-fueled, sleep-deprived, adrenaline rush with fondness. GISHWHES made us take the road armwrestlingforticketsless traveled – it forced us to live like we never had before. It brought our attention to the beauty in ordinary things – in humanity and in ourselves. It opened doors we never knew existed. It brought us together, and it has emboldened us to forge ahead passionately and radically. It inspired us to embrace our inner weird, defy the rote and mundane, and make the world a better place!



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