Meg Masters Take Two: A Conversation with Rachel Miner


Rachel Miner, the actor who portrayed Meg Masters 2.0, recently made time for us here at and rachel1allowed us to ask her a wide variety of questions.  Most were professional, a couple were personal and then there were a few that we threw in just for fun.  Rachel is beautiful, well-spoken and was generous with her time.  She’d love to be out on the convention circuit getting a chance to meet and get to know the #SPNFamily a little better.  Hopefully after you read through this article you’ll want to meet her just as well and we can all put the pressure on Creation Entertainment to get her to a few cons within the next year.

DC:  Rachel, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and answer our questions.  While there are definitely people in the fandom who prefer one Meg over the other, I love both iterations of the character and especially loved the fact that the show runner decided to bring her back to screw a little more with our favorite brothers!  So first off, I found Meg Masters to be a very strong and very interesting character.  Both you and Nicki Aycox had the opportunity to bring her to life; keeping some things constant and others more individualized.  Did you talk to Nicki before beginning your run as Meg or was the writing that just consistent?

RM: Actually, Nicki and I had not met until last year at VegasCon- of course we got along instantly (felt like old friends) so I’m guessing there are some natural overlaps that drew us both to Meg (or Meg to us both). When I was first cast I was not even familiar with SPN or Meg’s history (as I am a book nerd who tends not to watch much TV), but I did some quick catch up before we filmed and afterward I had lots of fun catching up on the whole show! The truth is I think it’s just a testament to how good the writing is that I felt like I knew Meg from the first time I read her lines. My guess is that any consistency is due to the great writing and the producers finding two actresses who perhaps were drawn to similar aspects of her.  I know I instantly fell in love with her honesty, strength, intelligence and razor sharp wit. 

DC:  Meg is an amazing character one that I can identify with on more than one level.  She’s damaged and vulnerable, yet so strong and isn’t going to take crap from anyone! You brought a very unique and welcome sense of sarcasm to the role.  It is something that is almost always commented on as a plus by fans of you and of the character in general.  Was this a decision that you made?  If so, what influenced that decision?

RM: Again, I think the writers should get all the credit here. My contribution was simply to see the gems in their writing. I also think that humor and sarcasm was a quintessential part of Meg. The way I see it, because she’d lived such a very, very long and eventful life there was little that could surprise her and much that could amuse. 

DC:  That’s an excellent observation.  It’s easy to forget that the demon would have seen and done it all at least once.  Meg is still missed by her fans.  Is there any possibility that she would return?  Would you be up for taking the role again or do you feel it would be better to have that demon possess another meat suit?

RM: Thank you for saying that, I miss Meg too. Honestly though I couldn’t think of a better exit for her, so I do feel very fulfilled when it comes to the show. And as for the future, I never waste time speculating about what’s to come inRachel2 the land of SPN, I just enjoy the ride! 

DC:  True enough!  Anything can and has happened in the SPN universe. Maybe we’ll put a poll up on the site and see what the fandom thinks.

It is known in the fandom that you left the series prematurely due to illness.  I have heard that you are battling MS, but don’t know if that’s fact or rumor and am not sure it’s something you’d like to talk about, which is fine.  I do want to let you know that you have my best wishes.  I have several close friends who struggle with this disease and know it can be frustrating.  I sincerely hope you are feeling better.

RM: I do have MS (I have no problem with being asked about it) and though I did not officially leave the show because of it, it was certainly becoming increasingly troublesome. Everyone at SPN, producers, writers, cast and crew were incredibly kind and helpful (despite the fact that I didn’t even tell them exactly what was going on) I think that is just who and how they are, I cannot stress that enough, they’re just really really good people. 

As for my parting the show it did come at the perfect time for me because the physical constraints were at the point I that I feared I couldn’t do Meg or the writing justice, I actually was amazed that they continued to bring me back despite the physical changes I was manifesting (yet another testament to their awesomeness). It is possible that the writers wrote that ending because they sensed it was a good time, but nothing was said. As usual with this show everything just fell in to place perfectly.

DC:  One thing that seems to come up time and time again in regard to the people working on SPN is that the cast, crew, etc. feel like family; a family that really cares about each other.  I’m glad that they were able to help you be successful and comfortable while you finished your time as Meg.  The character and the actors who portrayed her haven’t been forgotten by the fandom!rachel5

You’ve had a lot of success as an actor and appeared in television (including daytime dramas) as well as movies.  Is there a medium that you prefer?  Can you tell us why?

RM: I really do love all the artistic mediums in which I have worked. I love Film and TV because of the magic of the lens (it truly does pick up every thought), it allows one to let those watching inside in a way that even personal contact rarely allows for, but I also love the immediacy and volatility of the connection with audiences in the Theater, there is an exchange of energy there that is in many ways unparalleled and unrepeatable. There are many other aspects which vary in the different mediums (amount of time spent with the role, the camaraderie and time spent with the crew and fellow cast members, the magnitude of emotion that can be experienced when you only have that one take, versus the depths one can delve when saying those same words night after night…) so yes in short, I do love it all.

DC:  Is there a role, fictional, biographical, or historical, that you’ve always wanted to play?  What about that person/role attracts you?

RM: I don’t think there is a particular role I’ve always longed to play. I suppose when I have the chance to play a role I either love wearing that skin, so to speak, or I don’t. When I think of roles or characters in the abstract I generally don’t think of them as potentially “mine” because I associate them with whomever I saw embody them already. So I can think of roles I have great affinity for, but then I usually am enchanted by the original actor, which is why the role spoke to me (hehe this logic could send one round and round in circles couldn’t it?). When I was little I definitely wanted to be Alice in Alice in Wonderland, Princess Leia in Star Wars, Kira in The Dark Crystal and The Empress in The NeverEnding Story. As for historical characters, I recall really wanting to play Boudicca (though I don’t think I’m the right type) and I had a lot of affinity for Joan of Arc, Helen Keller, Marie Curie, Margaret Fuller, George Elliot, Jane Goodall (oh I could go on…ok obviously am drawn to many people in history), also if I could choose anyone regardless of type there are many men throughout history I would probably love to play.    

DC:  All the women you’ve mentioned are strong, intelligent and stood out in their respective fields.  I don’t think you’d have any trouble bringing any one of them to life!

You mentioned above that you found everyone on the production to be supportive of you even though you didn’t share your difficulties with them, which seems to be true to form for this group.  The SPN fandom has also heard over and over again about how much fun it is to work on the production.  Did you find that to be the case?  Is there a particular story you can share with us?rachel6

RM: I always had so much fun working on SPN! I really don’t have any specific wacky stories from the set though. A lot of the scenes I shot were in really jam packed episodes and there wasn’t too much down time for tricks and trouble making. There was one time when the all the men in the camera department were wearing dresses (I think that was some bet they were on the losing end of), and in one scene there was a chair which Jared rigged to make farting noises every time he moved. I also never failed to be amused by those tiny little scooters Jensen and Jared ride around on (I’m guessing you know the ones I’m referring to). 

DC:  I do know the scooters and those two big guys riding on those small bikes is amusing! I have to believe it’s even more so in person.

Do you have a particular cause or issue that you are passionate about?  If so, what drew you to this organization/cause?  Is there somewhere I can direct people for more information?

RM: It is very cool that you would ask about causes! I am extremely passionate about basically anything I think will make this world or people’s lives better (as my friends on Facebook probably laughingly know). Because of that there are many many organizations and causes I believe in, especially in the areas of education, women and girl empowerment, caring for environment, caring for children, caring for refugees, caring for…oh just caring period! I also love some of the organization like Kiva in which you can give out loans, and charity crowdsourcing sites like Crowdrise My Aunt is the Executive Director of a CT organization to protect the local environment and water resources called Rivers Alliance and I am so admiring of her work, I do believe that so many of the most important impacting changes happen at that local community level. I am also such a big fan of RandomActs and all they do.

As I have an incurable habit of speaking out about anything I think is important, I’m sure I will always be posting or tweeting about various organizations and causes (as evidenced by the fact that pretty much all that I follow on twitter are charities and news or educational outlets).

DC:  I do try to keep my support more local, but do support Heifer International. What is your favorite downtime activity?  I write 😉

RM: My favorite downtime activity is probably either reading or writing, particularly while sitting in a really beautiful spot. I also really love going out to Museums, the Theater, the Ballet and the Movies (especially to see foreign or art-house films). 

DC:  I honestly have trouble finding time to both read and write these days, never mind getting out to the movies or theater.  I LOVE the ballet, but don’t have many friends who appreciate it as much as I do!

If you could choose to live in a different time, would you?  What time would that be?

RM: I don’t know that I would trade living in this time period for another as one of the great things about this time is that we have such incredible freedoms. I love the abilities we have now to access information from most anywhere and to travel to most any place, even to visit antiquities from almost any time.

I do often think in many respects I would fit in better, even perhaps be happier in Europe during the Enlightenment or possibly the Renaissance or in the Ancient Greek Academy…yet I also idealize Paris during La Belle Époque, New England during the time of Transcendentalists, 12th century Japan (during the hay day of the Samurai), 4th century BCE India and really so many more places and time periods… So yes I really do think I am better off living here and now where I can learn about and dream of all our amazing history.rachel7

DC:  One of the things I’d miss most about our time if I had to leave (and I have written a post-apocalyptic AU novel so have given this some thought) would be our access to antibiotics, which is the one discovery that I feel had the most impact on the 20th century.  I’d also miss easy access to water.

And finally (yes, I do have a stop button!)

We call our group Lusty Fangirls so were wondering what your most “lusty” experience has been so far in your life?  If it’s still on your bucket list, will you share?  This is a fun question and not meant to be overly personal.

RM: I would like to give you some great lusty scenario, but the truth is anything really sensual for me is usually so because of the fact that I store it away as a sweet secret between me and another, so it wouldn’t be lust filled in the telling. Funny, I have often played very overtly sexual characters, but I have a much more private, behind closed doors kind of sexuality. As for any future fantasies, I actually feel very lucky that I have lived quite a fulfilled and fulfilling life in every respect (I don’t mean only the sexual) so I am not now feeling that I am lusting after anything particularly. 

DC:  That makes perfect sense to me.


Rachel, I’d like to thank you again for taking the time to “talk” with me and for allowing me to put this interview up on the website.  I truly hope I get a chance to see a double Meg panel and grab a photo op with you or you and Nicki (Chicon!!!! Yes, I live in Chicago).  I love this character so much and you both did a killer job with her.  It has been my privilege to speak with both of you and I am as enamored with the two you as I am with Meg.

There you have it Rachel (Meg) fangirls (and boys)!  I hope you feel like you got to know Rachel and Nicki a little better through these interviews.  Now let’s get the word out and campaign for Creation Entertainment to invite these two awesome actors to the upcoming conventions in 2015 so we can have a double Meg panel!

xo DebbiCakes

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