Houston Con 2015

So what brings a group of 30-40 women from across the Metroplex together for a mad dash one-day road trip to Houston? A Supernatural convention, of course.

A few of my new Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Women of letters friends I met at DallasCon last year decided we could do #HousCon on the cheap, getting GA tickets, leaving early Sunday morning for the 4-hour drive and driving back after the con, avoiding the extra costs of lodging. The GA ticket didn’t work out for some, as the con sold out of them, and by the time I got the CreationEnt email that read “imminent sellout,” it was too late. I did go ahead and snag a preferred ticket, hopeful that someone was going with me. One member of the group even left without a ticket at all, hoping to score one at the con.

It took some logistical jockeying, but we settled on the “east” group meeting in one place, taking one vehicle to pick up the “west” group in Ennis, and it was on to Houston. The trip was half the fun (ok, maybe not half, because J2!). We talked non-stop about Show, how we got into it, how we got hooked on social media and cons and watch parties. Our “director” got everyone to share and kept me from dominating the conversation (and if you know me, that’s saying something).   By the time we got home, we all knew each other just a little bit better. I look forward to seeing this group every time I possibly can. If you haven’t found a Women of Letters group in your area yet, do a Facebook search. I agree with Matt Cohen who said, “When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad cries of ‘Me, too!’ be sure to cherish them. Because those weirdos are your tribe.”

When we arrived at the con, we were greeted by a well-staged Baby. Lots of props and the windows down so you could take good photos. Doesn’t it look like the boys must be standing somewhere nearby?


HC2015Right after arriving, we hustled to check in so we could make Colin Ford’s panel. I had been looking unsuccessfully for an autograph ticket for Jensen, so I could have a picture of the shoes my daughter painted for JJ signed by her Daddy. I half-heartedly asked, “I don’t suppose you have any Jensen autos left, do you?” and about fell out when he told me he had ONE last ticket! Score! I’ve framed it for her birthday next month.

I had a revelation when Colin Ford came onstage…hey, isn’t that the guy from Under The Dome? Yeah, I’m up on things. One fan asked if watching Supernatural scared him at the time he played young Sam. He said that Season 1 did scare him; he watched with his mom and kept the lights on. He talked about watching Jared for ways he could incorporate in playing young Sam. ‘After School Special’ was his first on-screen kiss, and his favorite scene to film. Hope he’s not in trouble with the girlfriend he mentioned several times for that fav! He did a great job in his panel, even deflecting an unpopular (bordering on rude) question from a fan, deftly. A very mature, level-headed and diplomatic young man. Not to mention he meets the Supernatural hotness requirement. He’s old enough to say that now.

When we left Colin’s panel, I found out my friend who didn’t have a ticket had been saved by an angel. She stood out front with her sign “Sell my soul for a ticket or pay cash.” It got results! So glad she didn’t miss out.

After a quick run for lunch, we did some shopping (found way more I wanted than I could afford to buy) and took a few pictures around the venue. I was planning to buy Fangasm’s book ‘Fan Phenomena’ while I was there to have the author, Lynn Zubernis, sign my copy, but they were sold out. Guess that will have to wait for Vegas! I did get to talk to Lynn for a few minutes, and found out she was stranded in Houston due to the big storm back East. Hope she enjoyed her extra time off!

In addition to my Women of Letters friends I came with, I also saw several more WoL there, some of my #SPNRoadConUSA friends, and made some new friends in the #SPNFamily. You always come away from cons with new friends. I did miss one of my twitter friends. I tweeted her on Monday that I had looked for but not seen her. She mentioned she was there in a preferred seat, and I told her my seat number. Turns out she was in the row right in front of me. Now I’m making a list of the seat numbers of all my friends before VegasCon!

I didn’t see a lot of cosplay, the contests being over, but the ones I saw were very cute. This family must be raising their boys right. One of them is even named Jensen.

HC2015_1          HC2015_2

I love Tamoh Penikett and he’s very personable and comfortable onstage, but I admit that his panel lost me a little. I didn’t know anything about the other projects that most fan questions were about. Plus, movement around me by people just coming in and/or getting up to line up for J2 was distracting. One funny moment was when a fan asked if he wanted to do other types of acting or if he was a “genre guy.” Tamoh quipped it was not like he was saying “No, no, Mr. Scorsese, I’m a genre guy.”

I didn’t get any pictures worth sharing of the panels, and not just because I’m a terrible photographer. Seems they had trouble with both lighting and sound. It wasn’t bad, but a little hard to hear and impossible to take a decent picture of even the screen due to the lighting. The actors onstage all remarked about how hard it was to hear the questions. I think that the hotel must have been a bit overwhelmed by the scope of the Supernatural family, even though they must be used to staging big events. I also tweeted a suggestion to @creationent that they really should stagger the chairs in every other row to keep tall people from blocking the view of the person directly behind them. Hard enough to see in those amazingly long rooms! No reply from them as yet.

Louden Swain entertained the crowd while, in Richard Speight’s words, we waited for “certain people” to arrive. There were a couple of special guests before the boys came out, though. Richard introduced Sam and Dean from Season 37 – Jared’s and Jensen’s dads! Jared’s dad even wore his beanie, which Jared promptly plucked off his head right after he came out.

And then, finally, it was time for the main event. J2 in the house! A fan greeted them as such; Jensen turned to Jared and said, “That means both of us.” They were both in very good moods on Sunday; perhaps being in their home state and having family around contributed to that. Jared asked who was a first-timer, as he always does, and perhaps 75% of the room raised their hands! Yes, SPNFamily is growing – buy your tickets for DallasCon early! Other highlights of their panel for me were Jensen saying that “Dean doesn’t cry, his face leaks,” Jared saying his favorite Sam is Brother Sam, their slow motion fight scene, and when Jared lost his shoe – and Jensen held him up while he put it back on. When asked if they ever accidentally call each other Sam and Dean (they don’t), Jensen mentioned that an episode made it to air where Dean said Jared instead of Sam. It has been contended that was Provenance (1X19), but the argument continues. They did say that there are many crew people, some directors, and even writers that call them Sam and Dean. Jensen was asked about what role he’d like to play, and he said – for at least the 2nd time – that he’d like to play Indiana Jones. Thus, the #JensenForIndy hashtags, one of which was sent out by Robbie Thompson. One fan asked when they heard the songs for the 200th episode. The first time they heard them was during filming. The director, Philip Sgriccia, wanted to get their honest reactions, so those misty eyes were real. All the fan questions were very intelligent questions, and I know everyone in attendance was grateful for that! As the panel wrapped up, Jared was trying to finish up answering a question. He had just said it was an “awesome episode” when the overhead lights all came on over the stage. Jared said “God agrees.” From backstage, we hear Chuck (Rob Benedict) say “I do agree.” Then, they completed the ritual of trying to give a poor fangirl a nervous breakdown by bringing her onstage and surrounding her for the last question. Oh, for that to be me someday. I have a list of really good questions…and I probably wouldn’t be able to think of one. Better go write those down….

After the panel, we were hurried out of the theater so they could set up for a wedding. The only thing I had left was my “miracle” Jensen autograph. I spent the interim standing in line with various friends who had photo ops, getting into the room and standing aside to stare at the boys. Jensen did lots of dancing in the PO room; watching him was high up on the list of my favorite things at this con. For the autographs, I was third to last in line, so it was quite a wait. Completely worth the wait (and $99) for a few seconds of staring into those beautiful eyes across the table. I told him I was hoping to have a picture of JJ in the shoes, but I know that it’s likely Danneel forgot she said she would tweet one. He said they have been awfully busy moving. I enjoyed the autograph and hopefully my daughter will enjoy her one-of-a-kind present, but honestly I prefer the PO. After all, I’m really paying for the hug.

I filled the rest of my time waiting for my ride home with watching more photo ops. There was a bit of excitement in there when part of the wedding family came in to take a picture with the boys. One of the girls spotted another as she came in the door, squealed and motioned for her to join them. The girl who just entered began running her way – right at the boys. You’ll all be glad to know that the security reaction was instant. A WALL of people formed between that running young teen girl and our boys. Two of the security team literally caught her and lifted her off her feet. Chris Schmelke, the photographer, stepped in to say it was ok, they were going to let the family all take a picture with them. Everyone calmed down, the family got their picture, and Jensen went back to dancing.

Then came the sad part – leaving. Getting back to real life after living in fantasy land for the day is so hard. Was it worth leaving home at 5 AM, driving 8 hours, getting home 20 hours after I left, and sleepwalking through my job on Monday just to see the boys? HELL YEAH! Can’t wait for Vegas.

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