LustyLauri’s review of “There’s No Place Like Home” original air date 01/28/15

Wow! So much happened in this week’s episode… so far I’ve watched it four times in two days and I’ve discovered something new every time.

  • Uh, guys? What the hell was that white crap on the plates? Those don’t look like any egg white omelets I’ve ever seen… regardless… Sam, ever the supportive brother, digs in like it’s the best damn egg white omelet he’s ever had. I’m hoping that there is some of this on the gag reel, because I’d love to know what our boys really thought about whatever it was they were eating.
  • I’m totally digging the research-in-the-bunker shots. Nicely done!!
  • I love the makeup effects in this episode, especially the differences in the two Charlies. Dark Charlie was harsh lines and all business while Good Charlie was softer and sweeter. I also liked the stitches on the judge’s face. I thought they looked quite realistic.
  • Special Agents Gabriel and Collins, from the band Genesis. Genesis means “In the beginning” which in turn made me think of “the river ends at the source”, which IMO also means at the beginning. So many possibilities!!! Will the boys go back to the Garden to face the serpent Lucifer? Will Cain face Abel as the two original human brothers? Do we end up back in Lawrence?? I need to know this NOW!
  • Kale = a shout out to Misha, the Kale King!
  • While I supremely loved the scene of the guys researching in the bunker, I think my favorite is when Dean ran out of the councilwoman’s house to chase Bad Charlie. All of that was shot in one long camera run from the time he leaves the house to the time Good Charlie pulls up in her adorable yellow car. Excellent work, guys & gals!!
  • Sam’s hair! Thank God that horrible haircut is finally growing out. Not to mention, Jared looks SO much better in this episode…he’s gained some weight back and ooooh it’s so good.
  • Secrets are bad. This means you, Dean Winchester.
  • MAMMOGRAMS!!! Get your boobs squeezed today and think of Dean while you do it.
  • Well, I never! If cheap boots and faded jeans are all it takes to make someone a hayseed…then I guess I’ve been a hayseed all my life. Thanks a lot, snooty real estate jerk-off.
  • Dean, Dean, Dean! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders – never go in against Bad Charlie when DEATH is on the line!
  • The only thing I didn’t like about this episode was when Clive (old good Oz guy) was shot in the chest. To me, it looked obviously faked, like the blood was pouring out of a tube under the guy’s hand instead of from a wound. Sorry y’all, but they could have done that better.
  • Um…can I please have some of that magic green Oz rope so I can tie up a little bit of Sammy for myself? Thanks in advance!
  • Dean is horrified that he allowed Bad Charlie to goad him into violence. The expressions on his face at that moment broke my little hayseed heart.
  • <sniffle> Our little Charlie girl is all grown up!
  • “I forgive you” – Ultimately, this episode is about acceptance and forgiveness. There is darkness and light in every single one of us and we all have feelings that sometimes surface inappropriately. It is how we choose to react to the feelings that define us. I believe that one of the things Dean must do to conquer the Mark is to accept the things he has done in the past, and forgive himself. Our Dean has never been able to do that, and this could be a giant step forward out of the darkness and into the light. Prove it, Dean. We know you can.
  • I love that our guys are once again working together to save one of them, while also working to save themselves. One brother alone won’t be able to survive without the other. “You can do this. WE can do this.” Of course you can, Sam. Now make Dean believe it too.

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