Bad Girl, Good Music – Catching up with Nicki Aycox

nicki aycoxI recently had the opportunity to “talk” to Nicki Aycox, who was the first incarnation of Meg Masters, about her time on Supernatural as well as her latest project, which is meeting and playing music with fans.  Her first song dropped recently and can be found at  The project is as ambitious as it is fun.

I sent Nicki my questions and she responded over coffee, hence “talk”!  She is kind and energetic.  I’d love to see her get invited to cons in the US (hint, hint Creation)!

DC: Folk music, while never completely out of style isn’t at its peak right now.  What led you to choose this genre and this song in particular?

NA: Folk music is a genre of music that has been around for centuries. Every country has old community songs they play at the town fair, the local parade, etc.  People have been singing folk music for years, keeping songs as traditions that create bonds for a community.  Folk music is written for us all to sing together and lift our spirits.  Folk music put simply, is fun.  I’d like to have a part of my life here on earth that I truly let go, do what I want to do, and have fun.  To look back and say, “Wow I really had a great time in those years.” Playing folk music does that for me.

DC: That’s a great goal, everyone should be able to look back at their lives and find few regrets. Your Twitter feed says you’re looking to record with fans, which is really cool. What gave you the idea to reach out to fans?  Do you have additional plans to include fans in your music in the future?

NA: I played live at Asylum in the U.K. last year.  It was the first time I had played in that type of situation.  I was nervous and scared.  I met a fan named Dave Hornberger who told me he loved my voice and performance.  He really made me feel wonderful.  He then tweeted me and said he would like to play his cello with me in a song.  When I heard a clip of him playing I knew I had to have him in one of my songs.  I took it further and came up with the idea to include fans in my recordings.  What made better sense than creating folk music within the fandom community? Nothing really. I intend to continue this, and eventually visit each fan in their hometown with a camera crew, documenting their stories as an artist in their community.  A full documentary in this style is in the horizon.

DC: That does sound like fun! You’re right that Folk music is the music of “the people” for a lack of a better description. It makes perfect sense to share it with others, which I think has always been one of the basic tenets of the genre.

What types of music do you enjoy listening to? Do you have a favorite musician, band, or singer, and what about their music speaks to you? Is there anyone out there you’d particularly like to do a song with?

NA: I have so many contrasting songs in my iPod.  I listen to everything.  I find myself always going back in time with music though.  A vintage Edith Piaf waltz, or an old town drinking rhyme, I’m in heaven (Wail’in Crow) anyone? “Party till the fire burns low” :)  I’m a die-hard Leonard Cohen fan.  His sense of humor mixed with his darkness can lift me up at any moment.  He reminds me not to take myself too seriously.

He has made jokes about having a woman wearing a little nurse uniform being on stage with him.

I want to be that woman :) Not sure what that says about me :)

DC: I think musical diversity is fun. I too have a wide variety on my iPod. In an interesting parallel, I played piano as a teen and young adult and lost my piano to family debt as well.  I didn’t recover as nicely as you did!  Do you still play piano?  Other than guitar, are there other instruments you play?

NA: It is very sad when one loses their piano.  The piano should be free to all children.  Playing the piano certainly helped me in terms of learning the guitar.  I understood practice would make my experience much easier.  I will practice for hours on end.  I can play some things on the piano, but nothing like when I was a kid.  If I tried again I’m sure I could.  That’s the great thing about instruments.  If you practice you can do it.  I also play the drums, and I am fiddling around on a Mandolin right now.

DC: I love the sound of a mandolin. I fooled around with a hammered dulcimer and a bass guitar, but never got proficient at either one and am in the same piano boat. I could pick it up again if I applied myself but way out of practice.

I loved you on Cold Case.  Your character, as damaged as she was, was so real that it was easy to identify with her.  I am not a huge TV watcher and generally follow only one or two shows at a time.  I did watch X-Files, saw the movie, watched Cold Case and of course Supernatural.  You’ve had a chance to play a variety of roles, both dramatic and comedic.  Do you have a preference, and why?

NC: I loved playing comedic roles.  Unfortunately, when you play numerous dramatic roles, there seems to be this notion that you are unable to perform comedy.  It’s silly to me.  The thought that one believes you can’t be funny if you are capable of being sad.  That’s why they call it acting.  You pretend to be many things.

At this point in my life, I’ll play anything if I feel it is written well.meg3

DC: There’s a quote from an actor that I can’t find right now that says “the best roles are the ones you’ve been offered!” 😉

I love the character Meg Masters as well (in both her incarnations). Another damaged girl, I wonder what that says about me?  When you first appeared on Supernatural it was clearly too coincidental that you showed up at the same place on the road as Sam, but you seemed so sweet.  I freaked out when you made that first call home in the truck!

Many actors say that they enjoy playing the villain, and I’ve always thought it would be fun to play evil.  Did you enjoy playing Meg?  Is there anything you wish they’d done differently with the character?

NA: Well, if you liking “damaged” characters says anything remotely negative about your personality, then we are in the same boat my friend. :) I play them!  No, it’s fun to be the villain, the “damaged” woman.  Every episode you have no idea what you’ll be doing.  If you’re the “good” girl you can pretty much guess what every script has to offer.  Not the “bad” girl though. You’re kept guessing what you will be doing next. I love Meg Masters for this reason.  The only thing I would have changed about the character is to never have been killed off :) Yeah I’ll say it!

DC: LOL, she was an awesome character, why wouldn’t you have wanted to keep her!  Is there anything you wish you’d done differently with Meg? Would you return if they could figure out a way to write you back in?

NA: Nothing differently, I love Meg Masters the way she is. Of course, I would return.  I need to, the fans want it, and I have some new pranks to play on the guys!  Age made me wiser.

(Hear that Supernatural Meg Masters fans…..start those campaigns now!!!!)

DC: Anyone who’s been to a con or two hears from other actors that the cast and crew of Supernatural are great to work with.  Did you find this to be true as well?

NA: Yes, they are all wonderful.  I always tell the story of playing the infamous “exorcist” scene while Jared held my Doritos in his lap. I can always say Jared Padalecki held my Doritos while I died in his arms.  So romantic. :)

DC: What a sweetheart! At least he didn’t eat them!  Can you name one thing that sets Supernatural’s production apart from others you’ve worked on?  If you could have chosen a character on Supernatural, other than Meg to play, who would you choose?

NA: There is a huge air of positivity on that set.  That is unique. It comes fmeg1rom Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. The positivity that is.  I couldn’t say I would want to be another character.  I am Meg Masters along with Rachel Miner.  I absolutely have no qualms sharing Meg with Rachel. :)

DC: I really think our fandom is lucky to have ‘gotten’ Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as leads on our favorite show. I’ve never heard a negative word about either one, and after ten years if there were skeletons in the closet someone would have exposed them by now.

Nicki, thank you so much for taking the time to ‘chat’ with me! You are kind, generous and funny. Hopefully the fandom’s campaign to get more female actors at the cons will work and I’ll bump into you for a photo op! I will be watching for more of your songs and certainly your documentary once that project wraps up. If the LustyFanGirls can help you just give us a shout out and we’ll do what we can.

xo DebbiCakes (@DebbiBach)


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